Art Project- Inspirational Crayon Art


This is the next art project that I’m doing with my co-op Art class. It is so much fun to make! I will warn you…it is a bit messy and requires some planning and a lot of set up. But, definitely worth your time.

Materials Needed:

  • Canvas (size is up to you)
  • Acrylic Paints (I used white, brown, black, and 2 colors of blue)
  • One Foam brush
  • Paint brushes (a one inch and two small flat edge brushes)
  • Crayons (I used a 24 pack)
  • Hairdryer
  • Cardboard piece (trim width to match canvas with a utility knife) 
  • Double-sided tape
  • Duct or Masking Tape
  • Printed inspirational word in font of choice
  • Black permanent markers (thin and bold line)
  • An HB pencil
  • Tarp or drop cloth (It’s going to get messy) 


Start by making a wash on your canvas with the white acrylic paint and your foam brush. After your canvas is covered in white, go over it again while it’s wet…adding a tiny bit of watered down color. Apply it with the one inch paintbrush.


You can use the brush dry to play with textures and color. Let it dry. Here’s how my wash turned out:


Next, you will take your printed inspirational word and cut it out along the bottom of the words and the top, so that you can trace most of it onto your canvas. Once you get it trace you will color it in with your permanent markers.

crayon20 crayon10 crayon11

As I colored my word in, I noticed that it wasn’t as dark as I’d hoped. So, I went back over it with the black acrylic paint and the flat edge paintbrushes. Let it dry.

crayon9  crayon8

The next step wasn’t as much fun but very important to the finished result. Grab your cardboard, crayons, double-sided tape, and your duct or masking tape.


Peel the wrappers off the crayons and break them all into 2 to 3 pieces. Once they are broken, secure them to a piece of cardboard already lined with double-sided tape. Once the crayons are in place, cover them with duct or masking tape. (I used scotch tape. BIG MISTAKE…Use duct or masking tape, please.)


Now for the fun part! Here’s where the magic happens. Lay your tarp or drop cloth down and grab your hairdryer and put it on the hottest setting. You might need two sets of hands for this part. I did.


Holding the canvas upright with the cardboard/crayon structure above it…turn on the hairdryer and begin to heat the crayons. Hold the end of your dryer down so that when the wax begins to run onto the canvas.

crayon23 crayon24

Work you way across the top of the canvas, letting the wax fall where it wants to. This is where I learned that scotch tape is NOT the best choice for securing the crayons. Several of the crayons fell from the cardboard onto my canvas. We had to quickly remove them so that our project wasn’t ruined.

crayon14 crayon15

When you have all the color you want from the crayons, turn your hairdryer off, take the cardboard away and let dry. It will dry really fast!


This is the finished project! It turned out really awesome! I can’t wait to do it with my class this Friday.




Art Project- Hidden Textures


So, this is a fun little project to do with your kids. It’s for a class I co-teach for our homeschool co-op. The class is called, A.C.E. (Artistic and Creative Ensemble) and it’s about all kinds of creative thinking for artistic kids.

The idea behind this project is to work with textures in a fresh new way. So here’s what you’ll need:

photo (5)

  • A piece of watercolor paper
  • Acrylic paints
  • At least 5 paintbrushes in different sizes
  • A pencil
  • Elmer’s glue (liquid not a glue stick)

Start by drawing the turtle’s shell.

Turtle7 Turtle8

Add the legs, tale, head, and belly. Then fill in the shell with a cool and simple design. I also made a double outline around everything.

Turtle9 Turtle11 Turtle10 Turtle15

Now for the fun part!! You get to add texture to your turtle by using your Elmer’s glue. Use it like a marker or paint and design away! He’s going to be ultra snazzy!

Turtle1 Turtle2

Now, let dry. Completely. This is no small task for excited kiddos. But, you must do it. By the way, it takes a couple days to dry all the way. I know, I know, but I promise it’s worth the wait.

After it’s spent an eternity drying…get out your paints. I used very diluted acrylics but you can also use watercolors.

Start to apply the paint slowly, right over the dry glue designs. You will begin to see the glue textures start to peek their way through. It’s like magic!


Keep painting!

Turtle5 Turtle6

Fill in the rest of your turtle with your favorite colors and don’t forget to outline his eyes, toes, and the rest of him. When you are finished… use a little paint, (very diluted), to give him a little bit of a shadow effect.


You are done! He is too cute, and your kids have hopefully had a blast while discovering something brilliant about color, texture, and…turtles!