Don’t Pull Your Hair Out…(It’ll Leave Bald Spots)…

It is Monday and I definitely feel it.

It’s actually Monday afternoon…and I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.  We are wrapping things up with school for the day, finally.
Middle child is still working on his photography assignment for co-op, but as soon as he’s done…I may literally do a cheer.

Why are Mondays so hard?

About 100 times today…I wanted to pull my hair out.


The kids did not eagerly engage in homeschooling today. Ugh!
I had to give chore reminders more than I should have. Double Ugh!
My 12 year old’s version of good hygiene is not what I’d call average or even adequate. Good grief!


But, then I had to remind myself…deep breaths.

None of this was life threatening or all that important.
They are just normal kids.


So, why does it feel like a BIG DEAL to me?

Because I am anxious about a lot right now, (sigh).


We’ve had doctors appointments and surgery preparations. (We recently found out that our son has a heart condition called SVT that needs to be taken care of.)

Yeah…so I guess it is kind of a big deal, huh?

And…I am behind with…everything, it seems. I don’t like that!
Our normal schedule has been rearranged due to life and…I don’t like that, either!

I am overwhelmed.

Do you ever feel that way?

images (1)

People say that it’s easiest to pray when things aren’t going your way. They say that we cry out to Jesus when we need the most help.

But, you know what?

I think it’s easiest to pray when things are going great! It’s easiest to cry out to Him when I just want to praise and thank Him.

I have a much harder time praying when things aren’t okay.
When it’s bad.
When I need help.

I’m working on that.


I just want our son to be okay. I want him to be fine.
But, I take comfort that God already has his story written and that He already knows the outcome.

I also take comfort that Monday is over in a few short hours!

Thank you for praying for our family!




4 thoughts on “Don’t Pull Your Hair Out…(It’ll Leave Bald Spots)…

  1. We all have days that feel like your Monday. One way to help get through those days is to focus on what I am grateful for and to actively look around and see where God is working in my life or the life of those around me. it is hard not to get frustrated but putting my focus on the Lord sure helps put things in perspective. Blessings!

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