Shopping for The Formal


Our homeschool group has a spring formal every April and this year the theme is Masquerade.

This is the second year for my daughter to attend and the first year for my older son. (My younger son is still too young and swears that he will NEVER want to dance with a girl.) If you have a teen who is shopping for the formal, you know that this is no small task, especially for girls.


Last year, we found the PERFECT dress right away at the first store we went to.

Feb 2013-0016

We already had the shoes. We bought jewelry, a clutch, and a wrap to match.

April Spring Teen Formal 2013-0003April Spring Teen Formal 2013-0005

We picked out a fabulous hairstyle and voila…SUCCESS!

April Spring Teen Formal 2013-0020April Spring Teen Formal 2013-0021

But this year….
Well…I take that back. It was extremely easy for our son.
He found what he was going to wear right away…

2014-03-01 16.34.092014-03-01 16.35.38
In fact he found 2 options.

But our daughter has not such an easy time of it.
Here are her reasons:

  1. Everything looks the same
  2. A lot of the options are simply inappropriate
  3. Almost everything that is appropriate is over her budget.

She wants something:
short, simple…sophisticated…50’s reminiscent…and absolutely NO BLING.
I don’t think that’s reaching for the moon.  Well maybe a little considering the styles that are out there right now are completely the opposite of that.

Tall Order

Today we found it!! Yay, us!!
I am so relieved. It was getting down to the wire. The dance is in April. Yikes!!
It is sooooooooooooo cute. Adorable even.
Very 50’s reminiscent and it’s black lace, which will allow her to go completely nuts picking out the bright floral pumps she had envisioned to go with it.

photo 1
We are going to have it altered tomorrow so that the sweetheart neckline lays flat.
No cleavage! (It’s one of the many many dress code criteria,) and one that I like.

photo 2
Now, we are excited for the upcoming dance!



6 thoughts on “Shopping for The Formal

  1. I can’t even imagine. My oldest is 4, she’s extremely tall for her age. So she often wears a 7. I don’t know how long it’s been since you dress a little girl, but size 7 apparently is the size that you get to dress like a teenager. An inappropriate teenager. I’ve decided this summer I will give sewing a go, just so I can dress my little girl like a little girl. I can’t imagine what is out there for teenagers right now. But both dresses your daughter picked are beautiful and it looks like she has classic tastes.

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