You Gave Them Life So They Could Live It…Didn’t You?


I don’t know, maybe it’s me, but the undue pressure put on kids by their parents completely suffocates me.

Why do we do this? It’s beyond my comprehension. 

Somehow we get it into our heads that kids must be…nothing less than PERFECT because they are representing us. Newsflash!  It’s never ever going to happen! Kids make mistakes. Heck, parents make mistakes…every day. Why aren’t we celebrating those mistakes? They are huge successes in disguise, or didn’t you know that?


We are not here to live their life for them. We already had our shot at this. Let’s help them get ready for theirs.

This life is not about sports teams…dance recitals…and academic performance.
It’s not about…beauty…fashion…and trends.
It’s also not about…legalism.

It’s about grace.  Lots and lots of grace.

You know why I think we do this? Because we need them to make US look good to OUR peers, OUR community, and OUR church.


Legalism is steeped in pride and fear. It’s about making sure our families look and behave a certain way so that those looking in will see good kids, good parents… and good works. But here’s my question…

Shouldn’t they just see Christ?



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