Hi there. We homeschool.

We Homeschool

Hi there! We homeschool.

That’s how I feel like introducing myself to someone I have just met. Just to get it out of the way.  Because it’s going to come up, (you know it will), and once it does…the conversation usually centers around it.

I wish more than you can possibly imagine that when it does come up, it’s because people truly want celebrate that we homeschool with us. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the way it goes. But, we knew that going into it…almost 10 years ago. And we’re okay with that. Truly.

Our reasons for homeschooling are MANY! So many in fact that I could fill up the whole page. But the main reason is this…because God called us to it. Pure and simple.

I’m also going to be very transparent with you. It took us 3 years to obey this calling.

Why? Well…I have a lot of excuses. Some in fact are completely valid. But, let’s just say we had some obstacles in our way and were resisting giving it to God. May I also say, that as soon as we did give it to Him, our obstacles fell away. Yep, gone!

We started homeschooling the second week of our daughter’s third grade year. Our son started shortly after his sister, and their little brother never stood a chance. Yep, he was homeschooled from the start.

Miraculously, God blessed it from the first day, which might have something to do with obedience.  It fits our family like a glove. We love love love it!

We have never looked back. Did I mention we love it? We truly do.


10 thoughts on “Hi there. We homeschool.

  1. “It fits our family like a glove.” Love it! We have so enjoyed our homeschool journey, too, and it’s just right for our family. Love the new blog, Deb! Can’t wait to read more!! ~Sandy

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